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hillary's Baggage - Did you KNow hillary Failed the Bar Exam?

hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and scandal ridden person to ever run for President...I think

hillary beats Trump's Purple Heart with more, bigger medals

hillary-Clinton.jpg Determined not to be outdone by her opponent after Donald Trump announced that he had been , hillary Clinton appeared at campaign rally wearing ...

Google R U Manipulating Autocomplete For hillary?

WTF Google? Why are you manipulating your autocomplete feature algorithm to favor hillary?
We have all heard over the last few days about how Google is manipulating their search results in favor of hillary Clinton. Or to be more precise they are ...

6 People/Countries That Bought Favors From hillary Clinton

hillary Clinton constantly complains that people believe conspiracy theories about her. There’s a reason for that: many of the conspiracy theories about her have turned out to be true. The most obvious: hillary used her position at the State Department

My Gen X hillary problem: I know why we don’t “like” Clinton -

As a young woman, I idealized Bill but scorned hillary's supporters; at 43, I see this preference for what it was

If hillary had 'No Intent,' Then Why Did She Use This Program?

hillary knew exactly what she was doing. Here's proof.

Nearly naked hillary Clinton statue sparks fury downtown | New York Post

She obviously puts hillary on a pedestal.

A thin-skinned hillary Clinton supporter went bananas after spotting a nude, hoofed statue of the Democratic presidential nominee erected in lower Manhattan on Tuesday morning.

The misshapen nude, hoofed c

Videos: What Was Wrong with hillary Clinton's Eyes During Her Philly Speech? | The Daily Sheeple

Is this why hillary canceled her fundraiser the next day? The media is trying to spin it like she's just getting ready for the debates, but considering

WATCH: hillary Clinton Fans Can't Explain What 'Alt-Right' Is

Those who came to hear hillary Clinton attack the "alt-right" had some trouble defining what that term means.