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16 isis fighters are killed when faulty suicide vest goes off in Iraq | Daily Mail Online

The terror group had been meeting in the village of al-Mahaws to plan an attack on security forces. The news comes as members of a female isis cell were arrested in Morocco (file image of isis fighters).

isis celebrate Eid by beheading prisoners ‘like sheep’ and hanging their corpses on meathooks in

isis have released one of their most gruesome execution videos yet -- in which twelve men accused of being spies are hung upside down and slaughtered like animals.

Egyptian Media: isis Is “Made Up” And U.S. Created 9/11 To Justify War On Terror

Journalist Noha Al-Sharnoubi wrote that the U.S. invented isis, as well as set up the 9/11 attacks to justify its military interventions in the Middle East.

Green Beret's "Blow the Whistle" on White House - "They have us Training isis, Al-Qaida Terrorists!" -- "Fuck this . . ."

President Barack Obama is engaged in Felonious conduct, mis-using the US Military to provide training, equipment and logistical support to isis, Al-Q...

Confessions of a captured isis fighter | Fox News

He had a ringside seat for the entire, bloody rise of isis, and by his own count killed dozens of innocent men, women and children. Now Thahir Sahab Jamel disavows the black-clad Islamist army, but his Kurdish jailors say they’ve heard it all before.

isis magazine tries to justify barbaric killings of Western 'liberals and atheists' | Daily Mail Online

isis has released the 15th issue of its propaganda magazine, Dabiq. It features a list-style article on the reasons why the terror group hates Westerners.

Revived lawsuit says Twitter DMs are like handing isis a satellite phone | The Verge

A long-standing lawsuit holding Twitter responsible for the rise of isis got new life today, as plaintiffs filed a revised version of the complaint that was struck down earlier this month. In the...

US-trained police sniper Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov made 'isis minister of war' | Fox News

isis has reportedly appointed a US-trained sniper to the position of minister of war as it steps up its campaign of terror.

Report: Syrian Govt Has Audio Of U.S. Conversation With isis Before Attack On Syrian Military

Statements suggest that the conversation recorded by the Syrian govt will definitively show coordination between the U.S. and isis against Syria.